5 Reasons to Hire an Electrician Who’s Qualified

Did you know that electricians have some of the highest-rated skill sets in the United Kingdom? Electrics are a complicated part of running a home or business. The requirements to be an electrician take years of training, so you should hire an electrician who knows what they are doing. 

Professional electricians are hard to find. However, this doesn’t mean you should attempt to do your electrics yourself. One wrong move and you could be in big trouble. In this article, we’ll look at the top 5 reasons why you need to hire an electrician and how to choose an electrician who knows what they’re doing. 

1. Professional Electrician vs DIY 

Electricians specialise in one of four areas: commercial, industrial, residential, and outside linemen. Regardless of the scale of your job, it’s essential to work with a professional.

The Do-It-Yourself approach can lead to more complications than you might imagine. For example, just because you can fix a plug or rewire your internet modem does not mean you know how to set up an entire structure correctly. 

2. Safety, Speed, and Efficiency 

Electricity can be deadly in more ways than one. Even if you think you’ve done a great job, the hazards associated with electricity are enormous. One short circuit or faulty wiring can lead to fires, shocks, and burns that you may never recover from. 

Professional electricians know what they’re doing, so you don’t have to. They get the job done efficiently and at the best time possible. You cannot rush good work, but you can guarantee it by hiring a qualified electrician.

3. Electricians Train Longer Than Doctors

Along with knowing the physical wiring, electricians also have to make important coding decisions when they undertake any electrical condition reporting (EICR). Thus, similarly to doctors, qualified electricians are professional problem solvers. 

Diagnosing an electrical problem requires years of training. In fact, the minimum training for an electrician in the United Kingdom is 2 – 4 years.

4. It’s a Legal Requirement

For commercial buildings, hiring a qualified electrician is a legal requirement. In addition, most home insurance companies will also require proof that you’ve hired a qualified electrician for your home. 

The UK and Scottish governments regulate electricians. As part of their professional practice, their work is assessed regularly. Electricians are often insured, too, so you are protected when they carry out any works. 

5. Cost-effective and Qualified 

Even if something doesn’t go wrong, hiring an electrician is a cost-effective, speedy, peace of mind approach to getting your job done correctly. Qualified electricians are experts in reducing your costs into the future, too. 

Installing the best in LED or rewiring your home for efficiency is what the best electricians can guarantee. You’re not just paying for the service; you’re saving into the future.

How to Hire an Electrician

You might be wondering when to hire an electrician. The answer is now. 

Hiring an electrician in Kent is easy. Just contact us to learn more about our exceptional domestic services and receive a FREE quote today for your work.

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